The Transitions Agency
“Reconnecting the landscape”

Based between Lisbon and Boston, Transitions is a new booking agency focused on taste, quality, and professionalism, that only come from combined years of experience across electronic music industries around the world. Our aim is to represent the best acts that cross the lines of traditional 4-floor dance genres, that turn heads with awe-inspiring performances, and that reach deep into the vibe of the dancefloor. We are neither techno nor house, progressive or tech trance, but rather, the multi-faceted key stone spanning all the freshest sounds. From the brightest desert sun festival to the most chic club, our artists are prepared to throw down music for the right moment.

Ever feel like your event is missing that special moment? That connection between the heavy hitting techno and the mellow day time? Or perhaps between a psytrance act and house music? How about an epic closer for your main stage that also doubles as a stunning headliner for your alternative?

These recognized artists and new talents are the answer! Their foundational experience, growth over many years, and hundreds of well-known releases and label representations have turned them into crowd-drawing names ideal for A-to-Z.

As we look forward to the future, our hopes are high and our vision is clear. Our commitment is a result of the love of the music and our drive to spread this passion cannot be satiated. If you too share our vision, we encourage you to get in touch with us as regards booking our exclusive artists for your event.

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